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The need for basic Ma[FUZE_T2-R]_Photo2ths and English skills will never change but the landscape for other subjects evolves with advancements and changes according to the world around us. Today, perhaps the most important, certainly the most obvious change is how technology has permeated the very fabric of our daily lives.


Over the next decade and beyond, technology and its role in every aspect of our lives is guaranteed to increase exponentially.



Therefore Government has radically evolved the Computing Curriculum to help current and future generations of students to be equipped with a solid understanding of, and a positive attitude toward technology, ensuring we are best prepared to embrace and be leaders in, rather than just be consumers and followers of, this new and exciting future.



The FUZE is a computing platform designed to encourage exploration and experimentation with basic electronics, communications and even robotics while at all times developing a core knowledge of computer programming. It is most of all, incredibly inspirational and for many, a life changing experience as students quickly realise technology is not an inaccessible over-complex mystical art but actually very reachable, very rewarding and downright good fun to boot!


Computational Thinking and a rapid development of Digital Skills are quite simply by-products of using the FUZE platform.


FBrpiIconWebFUZE BASIC, a highly advanced and modernised version of the programming language widely accepted as the easiest to learn and teach, is included, pre-configured and ready-to-run. I
t opens up a world of opportunities to schools and anyone who would like to learn how to program.



“BASIC was my first language back in the late 1980s, and I owe my interest in computing to the low barrier to entry and smooth learning curve that it offers.”
Eben Upton, CEO, Raspberry Pi (Trading) Ltd


Raspberry_LogoFate played a part in the development of FUZE with the release of the Raspberry Pi (RPi). The FUZE shields the RPi protecting it from electronic shorting, static and physical damage at the same time as providing an ideal platform for learning to program and an exceptionally safe environment to experiment with simple electronics.



“BASIC is a fantastic, intuitive language with which to learn programming.” David Braben, CEO Frontier Developments & co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation


The included electronics components kit provides a vast array of jumper cables/wires, resistors, LEDs, micro switches and sensors. An analog light sensor is included to allow programming with variable control, bringing real world applications to the forefront and offering a world of exciting and accessible learning opportunities.


The FUZE, since launch in 2013 has won or been nominated many awards, accolades and testimonials. For example FUZE was nominated a finalist at the 2014 and 2015 BETT education show.  Here are a few more;



PC Pro (recommended)
“… the most coherent introduction we’ve seen to computing and electronics, realising the full educational potential of the Raspberry Pi in one neat package” PC PRO


Computer Active (Buy It!)


Micro Mart (Editor’s Choice)
“..a more rounded and certainly far more powerful educational tool than any of the other kits we’ve looked at so far” Micro Mart EDITOR’s CHOICE


Merlin John Online
“..the greatest piece of kit you’ve ever used!” 


 The National Museum of Computing – Bletchley Park
“what the Raspberry Pi was designed for”


The Financial Times
“…just about the best gift ever” 


ICT for Education
“…a brilliant product for education”



The casing, made from sheet aluminium, is extremely robust and secure, it houses the keyboard and shields the Raspberry Pi (RPi) protecting it from electronic shorting, static and physical damage.



The FUZE I/O board greatly simplifies the Raspberry Pi GPIO connector by separating, and clearly labelling, the most common functions (Voltage, Ground, Digital IO and PWM) but goes further with the addition of four analogue In ports and one Out port (as the Raspberry Pi lacks analogue). 



Built-in analogue support allows interaction in a way that is just not possible with digital connections.  Easily connect light, heat, movement and sound sensors to interact with the world around you. Analogue inputs and output provide a foundation knowledge of computing, design and the sciences beyond the scope of digital ones.


Supplied with FUZE BASIC, Python and Scratch and a wealth of projects and tutorials (printed Project Cards) the FUZE has everything to start programming straight out of the box.