Programmable Computer & Electronics Workstation

The FUZE – a new Programmable Computer & Electronics Workstation aimed at Education and budding Programmers everywhere.


New Project Card – True or False?

Here it is… the next project card… Take a look and tell us what you think. Download and/or print from here: 2-1 – True 0r False

A comment on the FUZE by Robert Dowell – TNMoC

One of the many fine chaps at TNMoC sent us a lovely little write up to further highlight the FUZE’s stance.  Make learning to program as easy as possible.  Robert…

Sound FX

FUZE BASIC now has support for sound samples. These are similar to music playback (see previous post) except that you can play up to 4 tracks at the same time.…

Lottie Dexter Learning to Code on the FUZE

We had a great meeting at the BBC Blue Room today and are thrilled that they love the FUZE, we were invited to talk about what we’re doing and to see…

FUZE BASIC Update – Update

FUZE BASIC has crept up a few versions over the last week or two so we suggest you grab the latest.  You can either run the; “sudo ./” script or…

Wired for Sound

The latest version FUZE BASIC (2.1.6) now has support for the playing of uncompressed audio files in wav format. You can download the latest version by clicking on in…

Robot Arm

FUZE BASIC now has built in support for the popular OWI-535 robot arm kit which can be bought quite cheaply on the internet from places like Rapid Electronics and Maplin.…

Babcock Education Meeting Surrey – A great success!

We’d like to thank Steve Clarke and Dave Robinson for inviting us to a really great event! Jon gave a good rundown of the FUZE, how we started, why we started and what…

Jonny Boy – Immortalised in the Bucks Herald!

To read the article click here:

Bett Show Success

I know this post is a little late!  We’ve been working very hard on the FUZE project so, rather ridiculously, updating the posts on out website gets left till “later!”…

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